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Public Meeting on Dixie River Road Realignment Project is June 30

(June 21, 2005) A public meeting on the Dixie River Road Realignment Project will be held  on June 30, 2005 from 5 PM to 8 PM at the Steele Creek Masonic Temple at 9424 Steele Creek Road. 

Dixie River Road will be realigned through the new Berewick neighborhood currently under development between Dixie River Road and Shopton Road West. A new road will connect the Berewick Town Center with the intersection of Shopton Road West and Steele Creek Road, creating a new 90° intersection there. See the map of the Berewick Master Plan.

Quick Facts:
  • Reconstruction of Shopton Road West/Steele Creek Road Intersection
  • Construction of new segment of Dixie River Road
  • Open house June 30 from 5-8 PM

These realignments are part of the Dixie-Berryhill Thoroughfare Plan adopted in 2002. The new intersection will replace the dangerous curve that currently is at that location.

The Charlotte Department of Engineering and Property Management recently released a flier containing the following text:

The Project Background

The City of Charlotte is initiating the planning and design of the Dixie River Road Realignment Project. The project includes:

  • The planned reconstruction of the intersection of Shopton Road West and Steele Creek Road; and
  • Construction of a new fourth leg of the intersection including ½ mile of the new realigned Dixie River Road north of the intersection

This project was part of the City's 2004 approved Transportation Bond and is funded by the City of Charlotte and the North Carolina Department of Transportation. The project aims to improve the safety and operation of the existing intersection and facilitate the relocation of a portion of Dixie River Road in compliance with the Mecklenburg-Union Metropolitan Planning Organization thoroughfare plan. These improvements are also part of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission prepared Dixie Berryhill Strategic Plan (adopted April 2003).

Project Overview

The planning and design process will take approximately one year, and will be divided into three phases:

  • Planning Phase – develop and evaluate concept designs for the intersection and roadway alignment Preliminary
  • Design Phase – design the preferred concept for the intersection reconstruction and new roadway
  • Final Design Phase – develop construction ready blue prints for proposed improvements

Public meetings will be scheduled during the planning phase to keep you informed of the project’s progress. Your input is important to the success of this project. The first public meeting for the Dixie River Road Realignment Project will be held on Thursday June 30th, 2005 between 5 PM and 8 PM at the Steele Creek Masonic Temple. The temple is located at 9424 Steele Creek Road near the curve at Shopton Road West. (It's where you vote if you live in Precinct 230.)

The purpose of the open house will be to introduce you to the project and seek your input on project-related ideas and/or concerns. You are the local experts and we want to hear about your experiences with the intersection. We hope you’ll stop in and share your thoughts concerning this important project.

For more information, please attend the public meeting or contact Project Manager Derrel Poole at (704) 353-1794

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