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Kickin’ It Up with Puppets at Steele Creek Library

(March 11, 2005) Are you a 12 to 18 year-old and interested in puppetry? From January to April of this year, a group of interested teens has been meeting on Thursday afternoons at Steele Creek Library. Their goal is to perform several puppet plays for children and their families during a Saturday morning family program at the end of April. Each week the teens are enjoying the process of learning puppet manipulation, expression, and why it is important to use puppetry with children. There have been a lot of hands-on opportunities each week, from playing puppet charades to actually going through the process of selecting puppet scripts and performing dress rehearsals for shows. The teens spent several sessions deciding on a name for their troupe and finally voted on calling themselves the “Kickin’ Creek Puppet Clique.”

Teens have been instrumental in getting out the word by promoting the troupe. An especially big thank you should go to Hai-y who has promoted this program through class announcements and club meetings at her school.

Teens have been gaining lots of valuable experience during these bi-monthly meetings. Jill states, “I enjoy being with children and like being able to perform but appreciate the secure feeling of being behind a puppet stage when performing. The attention is then shifted away from me and to the puppets.” Jennifer also added, “I enjoy working with children and this is an invaluable experience since I will be a camp counselor this summer. I hope to use my experience working with children to increase my ability to interact with children.” Hopefully Jennifer can take her puppet skills with her and incorporate puppet shows at summer camp.

It has been an overall great experience for both teens and staff. Britany confirms the benefit of this experience, “This is better than a movie or the mall. This is an awesome experience where I get to gain confidence.” Mekeda agrees, “A good experience that is lots of fun is what I would say about the puppet troupe.”

“Everyone can have fun performing with puppets for the public,” shares Talina. Future potential clique members should call Steele Creek Library at 704-588-4345 and ask to speak to the young adult or children’s librarians.

Article written by the following staff at Steele Creek Library: Emily Nanney, Jeanenne Robinson, Tammy Sickmon, and Mercede Walker.

Visit the Steele Creek Library web site for more information about the library and its programs.




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