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Rezoning Notices Are Sent to Charlotte Neighborhood Organization List 

(July 20, 2002) Residents often learn at the last minute about rezoning petitions that may bring new and potentially unwanted development to their areas. They thus miss out on early discussions of plans and have an opportunity for input only near the end of the application process. Opposition from nearby residents often will force developers to revise plans to make them more likely to receive approval by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Planning Commission and its staff and by the Charlotte City Council, which has ultimate authority over rezoning.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission sends notices of all rezoning applications to all neighborhood organizations in the vicinity of the area to be rezoned, but only if the organization is on their Neighborhood Organization List.

The Planning Commission also provides the list to other local government agencies and other organizations, which use it to send notices on a wide variety of issues.

Currently only 12 homeowners associations, neighborhood associations, and other groups within Steele Creek are on the list. If yours is not, it certainly should be. Contact, or have your president or other organization officer contact, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission at 704-336-2205 to have your group added. This is a crucial step to make sure your neighborhood organization keeps aware of changes in the local community and has an opportunity to participate in the planning process.

The Steele Creek area is growing rapidly and inevitably, but if you are concerned that specific development might be a detriment to the community, be sure to monitor rezoning petitions and make your views known to the Planning Commission and Charlotte City Council.

Other ways to keep up with rezoning petitions:

If you see a sign with a big "Z" on it, someone has petitioned for a zoning change on the property adjacent to the sign. Note the petition number posted on the sign and call the number shown to request information about the application.

All rezoning petitions now are on line at the Planning Commission web site. (Click on the rezoning link on the left.)

Additionally, the Steele Creek Residents Association web site has links to rezoning petitions within Steele Creek on the Rezoning Page.