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Airport Wants Controls on Residential Development

(3/4/2001) The Charlotte Observer has reported that the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission has agreed to work with the Charlotte-Douglas Airport officials to limit new residential development within airport noise zones. The airport has been insulating nearby homes for noise or buying owners out for years, and officials wish to avoid future noise complaints that would result from addidtional residential development. More residential development might also hinder future airport expansion.

If zoning changes occur, the area north of Griers Fork towards the airport would see less residential development and more commercial or industrial projects that would benefit from having the airport conveniently accessable and are not as adversely affected by the noise as residents are.

Griers Fork residents routinely see and hear airplanes pass over, but Griers Fork is south of the area that experiences particularly loud noise. However, several new developments are under construction along Sandy Porter Road and Shopton Road that are within noise contours.

(From the Griers Fork HOA website.)