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New Development at Steele Creek Road Planned

(3/4/2001) The Charlotte Observer reported on March 1 that a 965-acre development containing houses, offices, shops, and green space is planned for a site west of I-485 and Steele Creek Road and north of Shopton Road West. The development would straddle Dixie River Road and extend west almost to Lake Wylie.

The yet-unnamed project includes a town center bisected by a planned relocation of Steele Creek Road. The development would have 170 acres devoted to offices, a business park, and town center shops, service businesses, and restaurants. It is described as being similar to Ballantyne in south Mecklenburg, which has the relocated U.S. 521 running through its town center and offices, houses, shops, and restaurants on either side of the highway.

A 215-acre district park at the northern end is one of the first elements slated for development.

The developer, Pappas Properties, has submitted a rezoning application to allow construction of at least 700 single-family and multi-family residences on roughly 480 acres. They would be in pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods with open space connecting them to the district park. Prices are characterized as moderate to intermediate.

Initial residential development would be coordinated with the extension of sewer to the property in 2002. Town center construction would begin in 2004 or 2005, after the opening of I-485 in 2003. All development should be completed by 2010.

(From the Griers Fork HOA website.)