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For the November 2004 elections, Steele Creek is entirely within District 2.

County Commissioner elections occur every two years in even numbered years. Terms are for two years, and both at-large and district seats are contested. District representatives on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board are elected from the same districts.

For more election maps for Mecklenburg County, visit the Mecklenburg County GIS Online web site.

  • To see maps of General Assembly and other districts in the county, select the
    E-Mapper application. Click on "Display Map Viewer," and then "Display a Map District." Then select the district type you would like to see.
  • To find out your election precinct, polling place, and districts, select the Voter Information Express application and enter your address.

For other information about elections and voter registration, visit the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections web site.

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