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Beginning with the 2011 elections, Steele Creek contains six entire voter precincts and parts of three others. Click on the links below to view maps of voter precincts and representative districts in Steele Creek.

Click on map for an enlargement showing voting precincts and polling places in Steele creek.

Click HERE to view maps of Charlotte City Council, Mecklenburg County Commission, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education, Congressional, and State Senate, and State House districts for the Steele Creek area that were adopted in 2011.
View a map of current (2010)
School Board District Boundaries.
Districts adopted in 2011 will be used for the
2013 School Board elections.

To find out your current election precinct, polling place, and representative districts, see the View My Districts web page.

For other information about elections and voter registration, visit the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections web site.