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Help Name the New Southwest Elementary School

(May 15, 2021) Help choose the name of the new Southwest Elementary School currently under construction on Sandy Porter Road.

The final three name recommendations to choose from are

Ayrsley Town Elementary/Academy
Dogwood Elementary/Academy
South Pine Elementary/Academy

You can also pick between navy/white and purple/white as school colors. (The mascot comes later.)

Vote here: School Name Survey

All votes are due by May 18, 2021 at 3 pm.

These names were chosen for the following reasons:

Ayrsley Town Elementary/Academy -- Proximity to Ayrsley Town Center.

Dogwood Elementary/ Academy -- State flower, which symbolizes growth, spring, new life, and strength; although the dogwood flower is small and delicate looking it is actually quite tough. We are growing strong leaders.

South Pine Elementary/Academy -- The North Carolina state tree is the long leaf pine and we are located in the southern half of Charlotte. Pine trees represent wisdom, longevity, and life,

The naming committee will recommend these three names to the Board Of Education and provide the results of the survey. The members of the Board may choose one of those names or select a name outside of these recommendations. For the CMS Board Policy on the name of schools please click on the link: Commuications Policies and Guidelines.

For an update on construction progress, go to New Elementary School Construction Progress.

To see the adopted attendance boundaries, go to New Elementary School Boundaries.

To comment on this story, please visit the Steele Creek Residents Association Facebook Page.