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It's Steele Creek, Not Southwest Charlotte!
Steele Creek Community Meeting on Rebranding Effort July 13

Map of Steele Creek in Mecklenburg County(June 17, 2017) From time to time things happen in Steele Creek that make the news. Usually the news stories refer to our area as Steele Creek, but many times they describe the location as being in southwest Charlotte, or even south Charlotte. Neither is correct. We are Steele Creek!

Southwest Charlotte could be any place south and west of uptown. It's just a direction. South Charlotte includes area east of I-77 that have little in common with Steele Creek. Those names reflect a tendency by the media to lump Steele Creek in with other areas and not recognize it for the unique area that it is.

Yellow Duck Marketing is planning a branding campaign for Steele Creek that will promote the name Steele Creek over others, such as southwest Charlotte or South Charlotte. Please join them and provide local feedback on a new logo concept and the rebranding of Steele Creek:

What: Steele Creek Community Meeting with Yellow Duck Marketing
When: Thursday, July 13, 2017, 5:30 to 7:30 PM
Where: Hilton Garden Inn Ayrsley, Room C

They want YOUR INPUT! The meeting is open to all, so please come and share the meeting information to anyone else who lives or works in Steele Creek and would like to provide input.

The Steele Creek community has a strong self identity based on its long history, which goes back to colonial times. Numerous churches, community organizations, public facilities, businesses, and other locations have Steele Creek in their names, as shown on the map below.

Steele Creek Map

For more information on the history and usage of the name Steele Creek in our community, please see Just Where is Steele Creek? (April 2, 2016).

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