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Steele Creek Population Diversity Mirrors that of Charlotte

(March 19, 2011) The Charlotte Observer reported in today's edition that Minorities are now in the majority in Charlotte according to the 2010 census. The article states that the population of Charlotte is 45.1% White, 35.0% Black, 13.0% Hispanic, and 6.9% Other. They also published maps showing Mecklenburg's Racial Population.

The 2010 census also shows, however, that the diversity of Steele Creek mirrors that of Charlotte with 43.9% Non-Hispanic White, 29.7% Non-Hispanic Black, and 16.8% Hispanic, as the table below shows. (Hispanic persons can be of any race.)

Group Total Population Percent
Non-Hispanic White 22,855 43.94
Non-Hispanic Black 15,437 29.68
Hispanic 8,744 16.81
Non-Hispanic Asian 3,621 6.96
Non-Hispanic Two or More Races 1,037 1.99
Non-Hispanic Other 160 0.31
Non-Hispanic American Indian or Alaska Native 136 0.26
Non-Hispanic Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 24 0.05
Total 52,014 100.00

The Observer's maps of Mecklenburg County show that races are not evenly distributed around the county. They show a high concentration of Whites in the northern part of the county, in a wedge through south central Charlotte, and along the Union County border. They also show a high concentration of Blacks in the immediate north, west, and southwest of central Charlotte.

However, the Observer maps also show that many of the census tracts in Steele Creek have from 25.01 to 50% White and from 25.01 to 50% Black. So Steele Creek, along with northwest, northeast, and east Charlotte, has a good mix of races, as the map below shows.

Steele Creek has been described as naturally diverse. New residents of Steele Creek reflect the variety of racial and ethnic groups found throughout the area. (Click on the map to see a pdf version of the map.)

Steele Creek Population

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