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Charlotte Annexes County Property in Steele Creek

(March 1, 2008) At its February 25 meeting, the Charlotte City Council approved annexation of several properties around the edge of Charlotte, and two of these were in Steele Creek.

One is on the west side of Gallant Lane across from Kennedy Middle School. This is owned by the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department. It is undeveloped but eventually will be part of the greenway system connecting Steele Creek Neighborhood Park with neighborhoods, businesses, and other locations along Steele Creek to the south.

The other site covers Winget Park and the Winget Park Elementary School property on Winget Road.

These annexations are considered voluntary because the property owner (the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners) consented to the annexation. Charlotte plans a large involuntary annexation in June 2009. The Berewick area is among the areas that are being studied for possible annexation then. (See Berewick to be Studied for Possible Annexation in 2009.)

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