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Olympic Boosters Seek Help for Baseball Field Improvements

(January 15, 2007) Several weeks ago the Olympic High School Athletic Boosters Club launched a project to improve the facilities at the school's baseball field. They expect construction to begin soon on a new 3 tall brick wall backstop along with new fencing and new netting extending dugout to dugout. The project should be completed in time for the first home game in February.

The boosters are on a mission to raise funds for the project. Through various donations, material discounting, and other local philanthropy, they have managed to bring the budget down to $15,000.  This already is a significant savings over the estimated cost of $45,000 in a pure retail environment. 

Here is how you can help:


Click on the diagram above to view an architectural plan of the backstop

1) Individual donations are encouraged and appreciated. Make your check payable to OHS Athletic Booster Club and send it to

c/o Scott Kellermeyer
13716 Walkers Creek Dr
Charlotte NC 28273

Please write "Baseball" in the memo section of the check. All donations are tax deductible.

2) Talk with your employers and ask if they can help with a donation, especially if they are located in the Steele Creek area.

3) Solicit other Steele Creek area businesses that you know or do business with.

4) Get involved. We need your help and support

Donations of $300 and higher will receive:

1) A banner to be placed either inside along the outfield fence or along the first base fence. (Should you secure a donor who desires a banner, send the donor's name and phone number to Scott Kellermeyer by e-mail to Scott.Kellermeyer@comporium.com or call him at 704-945-7008 (Office) or
704-807-6541 (Cell), and he will handle all of the details.)

2) Collective recognition identifying the support of ALL donors displayed at the concession stand.

The Olympic baseball coaches and players are looking forward to the start of the season on February 12 and are anticipating good varsity and junior varsity seasons. Varsity Coach Bob Rhodes is asking the community to do what it can to help make "our baseball field as nice as any field in the county."

As the photo below shows, the current unsafe, low netting offers little protection for fans against foul balls. Baseball fans have been struck by foul balls year after year because the fencing does not extend to a point that would prevent foul balls from entering the bleachers. The photo also shows wooden telephone pole standards with 5 lights per pole and wooden bleachers.

Olympic Baseball Field:

In contrast, the photo below shows the baseball field at South Mecklenburg High School. This field has lighting standards on new aluminum poles with 9 lights per pole,  new aluminum bleachers, a 3 tall brick wall stretching dugout to dugout, and 20 tall netting that extends dugout to dugout.

South Mecklenburg Baseball Field:

Improvements to the Olympic baseball field are only the beginning. Discussions also are underway to support other initiatives at the school that would correct situations that have been neglected for far too long.

Anyone interested in getting more involved in this effort to improve athletic and academic facilities at Olympic and to instill pride in the students at our only community high school are encouraged to attend the annual meeting of the Steele Creek Residents Association to be held on February 22 at 7 pm in the Olympic High School Auditorium.

 Direct questions to Scott Kellermeyer at Scott.Kellermeyer@comporium.com or 704-945-7008 (Office) or 704-807-6541 (Cell) or Coach Bob Rhodes at 980-343-3800.

Olympic students, parents, and staff thank you for your support.

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